Recent and Forthcoming Events

2016 - 2017 

SMSA meetings 7.30pm

-          Thurs Sept 22nd

-          Thurs Oct 20th

-          Thurs Nov 24th

-          Thurs Jan 19th

-          Thurs Feb 23rd

-          Thurs March 23rd

-          Thurs April 27th

-          Thurs Jun 8th

-          Thurs July 13th  - AGM



Bonfire Night Sat 5th Nov


Parents disco Sat 26th Nov


Christmas Fair Sun 4th Dec


Panto Thurs 2nd, Fri 3rd, Sat 4th March


Footie Funday Sun14th May


Fun Run Sun 11th June


Summer Fair Sat 1st July


Camp Out - Sat. 8th July 



Camp Out - Saturday, 16th July, from 6.30pm

Summer Fair - Saturday, 2nd July, midday to 4pm

Fun Run - Sunday - Sunday, June 19th, PM (time TBC)

Football Funday - Sunday, 8th May, 12.30pm to 4.00pm

SMSA meetings :
23/3 (Wednesday),
21/4 (Thurs.)
19/5 (Thurs),
 AGM 30/6 (Thurs).  All 7.30pm start in Staff Room except AGM - Junior Hall.
Cake Sales 2016 :

APR 15


APR 22


APR 29




MAY 13


MAY 20




JUN 10


JUN 17


JUN 24






JUL 15




Quiz Night - March 17th, 2016

Panto - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  4 Sold Out shows!  March 3rd 4th and 5th 2016

Christmas Fair - 6th Dec. 2015.

Battle of the Bands - 21st November 2015

Bonfire Night - November 6th 2015


Panto 2015 - Dick Whittington

Panto 2014 - Aladdin

Panto 2013 - This year's Panto, Cinderella, was a huge success with 4 sold-out performances in February and NO demands for a refund, so well done to everyone involved.  Over 700 tickets were sold and the audiences were a fantastic mix of children from the age of 2 to about 85, with the Saturday Matinee a particular favourite with the younger children.  Tea and cakes were served at the Matinee along with the 'traditional' hot dogs, wine, beer and soft drinks at all the shows.  The DVD will be on sale later this year ...  £6,000 raised!

Christmas Fair - December, 2nd.  (See Gallery for pics) A message from Ruth (The Organiser) : Dear All,  Could you please pass on to all the parents in your classes my thanks for everyone's efforts yesterday, it was a really lovely day, the children loved it and the the sun shone ( I know it was chilly, well except at the BBQ).

The Grotto looked wonderful thanks to Da Vinci, thanks also to Amy and Ed from nursery along with lynne for their help on Saturday which was over and above the call of class duty in getting the grotto ready - Ed certainly learnt a new skill  - the art of billowing.  Little Prancer, added the final touches and yes his keeper was his usual "cheerful" self but we loved that. I know the queue was sometimes a bit long for the Grotto, and we'll continue to look for ways to ease this - it was worth the wait. Those photo's I saw taken with Santa looked great.

The halls looked festive and lively with all stalls making money. The adult money spinners like the BBQ and Cafe were excellent. The cake selection rivalled the best bakery and the mulled wine was positively yummy, it was the second year for Flemming and it all ran like clockwork ( well apart from the couple of cups of black coffee with added orange pieces sold as mulled wine  - not sure the customers noticed!) The new filter coffee machine got the school seal of approval.

The BBQ grilled away for a full 4 hours, well done to Bill and his small band of willing helpers, as I said their one advantage being they were in the warmest spot, by the end of the fair they had completely sold out - Well done.

The Mitchum teams both did a great job with name the teddy and the fab sweetie stall,  as the new kids on the block they took all in their stride. 

Galileo dished out the fab puds and the greenery was put together so you wouldn't know it was cuttings from Highgate wood. Louis Pasteur manned the gate and were still charging well into the afternoon! well done for sitting there in the cold. 

The hampers looked fantastic thanks to Thomas Edison and were raffled off in a suitably oratorical way and are no doubt adding to the festive cheer in several homes next week ( sad to say not min!!)

All the children's stalls were great and whilst they don't make as much money - they deliver much more in terms of fun and laughter which is half of our objective for the day - the infant hall was a hive of activity all afternoon, with lots of knock them downs (Barnes Wallace) , throw them up and get them in!(Hubble) and  along with the chocolate tombola's which were thronged every time I came in the hall. All the jam jars from Logie Baird looked wonderful and all went which is great.

The art in the science room with Marie Curie was again a great success, being a little oasis outside of the general mayhem where little ones (and bigger ones) could take some creative time out.

In the infant hall the face painting was very popular James Watt did some fantastic designs. The christmas candle decorations organised by Patricia Bathe went down very well, adding a real christmas feel, with decorations fit for any Highgate mantelpiece being proudly carried home

The external stalls again worked well - we'll continue to think how we can build on this.

This brings me onto the year 6 stall out by the other external stalls, they were the envy of the other stall holders with their confident salesmanship and raised a fantastic amount for the RED CROSS and their year 6 fund. 

The garden club also had a lovely festive stall selling lots of gardening goodies ably supported by Alicia and Lucy. Karl Benz continued to sell the garments we had from the recent New to You sale. 

Tim Berners Lee did a roaring trade on the tombola with an extensive array of prizes. Bryn McBurney and his dad raised £65 with an impromptu football game on the junior stage (well I had to keep him occupied after a cancelled rugby game - Bryn that is!!). The choir along with Miss C treated us to some lovely festive tunes.

Ruth and the Fair fairies (Rachel, Clair & Amy)

Battle of the Bands

Bonfire Night - Friday, 9th November.  A safe and successful event on a very mild and dry evening with over 900 visitors.  Thanks to everyone who helped including the marshals, BBQ team, stall helpers, music DJs, bonfire builders and the team on the gate.  Thanks also to sponsors TMD Properties in Highgate 

'New to you clothes sale' - Saturday 6 October 2012 - Congratulations to Caroline and all the helpers and donaters for raising around £700!

Camp Out - September.  Postponed from the Summer term.

Summer Fair - Saturday, June 30th. Approx. £5,000 raised.  See 'Gallery' for some pics.

Fun Run - Sunday, June 17th.  See  Gallery for pictures of this great day.

Football Fun Day - May 27th. Postponed from April.  A beautiful, hot day with lots of exciting and competitive action.  Well done to all the players, managers and helpers in the marquee and on the BBQ.  Thanks to Rob and his team for organising a fantastic day.

Family Fortunes with Les Dennis - Thursday, 19th April, 7.30pm - A fantastic, sold-out evening of fun, nostalgia and great food.  Thanks to everyone who made this such a great event, particularly to Rachel for organising and pulling it all together, and to Les for being such an excellent host.  Net funds raised for the school - Approx. £1800.

School Disco - Wednesday, 18th April.   Net funds raised - £315.  This money will be spent specifically on items for all the classes - pens, Pritt Sticks, glue, stickers etc.

Quiz Night - This year's quiz was won by table 1, made up of Ruth Williams, Dave McBurney, Sarah Thomas, Lucinda Carr, Simon Farmer, Tony Pieretti, Julia Weiner, Heidi and Toby Hales, and Glenn Martin.   Thanks to Sam Bailey from Piccadilly class for providing the prize and to High Tea of Highgate for the free draw prize.  Net funds raised for the school - Approx. £1600.

Pantomime - 'The Wizard of Oz'.  4 sold-out shows in February and almost £10,000 gross income, approx. £6,000 net.  See 'Gallery' for pictures.

Christmas Fete - Sunday, December 4th. 

Fundraising dinner for Kirima School with guest speaker Clive Anderson - Highgate School, Sat. 19 Nov. 

Bonfire Night - Friday, November 4th. Considered by many kids as the best ever display!  And definitely the warmest and dryest.  See 'Gallery'.

An Evening of Classical Music - 18th October, 2011. 

Fun Run - Sunday, 18th September 2011.  Re-scheduled from June, with children running in their previous year groups.  A fantastic afternoon of fun and running, and congratulations to all the participants and thanks to everyone who helped.

Camp Out - Saturday, 9th July 2011. 

Summer Fete - Sat. 1st July 2011.

Football Fun Day - 15th May 2011

A fantastic afternoon of football with a great turn-out and lots of exciting games!  Thanks to everyone who helped with this event, including the organisers of the games, the excellent BBQ cooks and the parents on the tea-and-cakes stall.

St. Michael's Panto 2011 - Sleeping Beauty

This year's Panto, Sleeping Beauty, was on Thursday 17, Friday 18 and Saturday 19 March (matinee and evening).  The event was a great success and everyone involved, cast, crew and audience (we hope) had a great time whilst earning over £5,000 for the SMSA.  A Massive 'Thank You' to everyone involved.

Quiz Night

According to one of the quizmasters (aka ' the webmaster'), the Quiz Night was the best ever, certainly the longest, with 6 teams within 3 points of each other at the end.  Only a tie-break could seperate them!  And over £1,000 was raised!

Battle of the Bands Saturday 20th Nov. 2010

This year's event was even bigger and better than the last one with 7 fantastic bands - Donkerkarnuffel, Liquid Lurve, Desafinado, The Tofu Fighters, Four Quavers and a Wotsit, Dypso Divas and Manic Street Teachers.  With musical influences ranging from Death Metal, Dexy's Midnight Runners and Lady Gaga, to Coldplay, the Bossa Nova and Fascinating Aida, the worthy winners were Sabine Birch, Andrea Grace, Sarah Rayment, Lorraine Wells and Jeremy Rayment as 'Four Quavers and a Wotsit'. Their original A cappella rendition of numerous ad. jingles (including 'Shake n' Vac', 'Go Compare' and 'Peal & Dean') and 'classic' songs (including 'Gordon is a moron' and 'Ernie the milkman') was an unexpected and hilarious treat.  Congratulations to the runners-up Tofu Fighters and Liquid Lurve and well done to all the performers.  Special thanks to everybody who helped with the food & bar and organising this fantastic event. 


SMSA Meetings

The SMSA meetings are very informal and open to all parents who have children at St. Michael's School. At meetings we organise future events and decide where funds will be spent. It is a great opportunity for working parents to get involved in school. Meetings normally end up over a glass or two of wine at the pub!









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