If you would like to help with any SMSA event or have an idea to raise some funds please do not hesitate to contact us.  All suggestions are gratefully received!

Please volunteer as a Garden Class Rep - 1 or 2 parent(s) from each class if possible!
What you need to do;
- organise class trips to garden each month
- we can provide simple worksheets with info and things for kids to do
- re. amount of time = depends how teacher is happy to organise eg. either 1 morning per month when groups are taken out one after another OR same slot each week when groups on a rota to go out in turn.  You don't need any gardening experience - just a desire to allow all the children at St Michael's to enjoy the amazing resource  of the gardens and learn about the natural world around us.

Want to know more about being a garden Rep.?  "Being A Garden Rep. Is Easy!"

Contact - alicia.paul@btinternet.com

Upcoming events :

Football Funday
Fun Run Sunday
If you would like to help with any SMSA event please contact the new Chair of the SMSA, Lynne Riley, on lriley157@gmail.com

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